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It is not a secret that healthy employees equal healthy business. Currently in the UK, the average day of absence is  6.5 days costing 8.4 billion. And stress is the number one cause for time off work. At Conquest Health we invest in improving the well-being of an entire organisation by targetting key factors like stress management. 

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Workplace health initiatives are a great way to ensure employees stay at the top of their game. Conquest Health provides great corporate packages in an aim to reduce workplace fatigue, days off sick and enhance productivity. We go beyond simple nutrition advice. Thanks to our dedicated team of health coaches, we study the setting/organisation of the corporate firms, the dynamics between the employees/employers, and design personalised as well as group strategic treatment plan which we supply on a monthly basis.

What to expect?


At Conquest Health we work with companies large or small who are dedicated to providing a healthy productive working environment.

Our wellness programs include

– One to one office coaching.

Whether it is tackling chronic illness and using adaptive strategies to enhance your performance at work, we design a customised plan for you, by looking into your genetic profile, your lifestyle factors and your nutrition.

The 1-1 office coaching used by CEO, managing directors are a personal favourite as it gives you a comprehensive plan of how to integrate your wellbeing in your place of work.

– Wellness workshops

For a larger audience, these group sessions focus on certain topics employees want to gain further in-depth knowledge of. One of our popular workshops is based on the topic of how to optimise cognitive function in the workplace.

We also design workshops suited to your needs-The most recent workshop while working for a corporate firm where a lot of employers had to travel overseas, included a management protocol to overcome jet lag.

– Stress and sleep optimisation.

At Conquest Health we love our high tech gadgets and find they are great at implementing changes for our corporate client.s Using our heart variability monitors, and neurofeedback we help optimise our clients stress and sleep quality which in turn lead to greater productivity


Corporate plans are available on a monthly or annual membership basis;

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The future of your company lies in the health of your employees.

So just kick start the corporate wellness movement.





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Most doctors are trained to think about the underlying cause of disease. At Conquest Health we pride ourselves in our unique system-oriented, patient-focused model to help optimise your health. Conventional medicine is the medicine of what. We at Conquest Health, seek to answer the question of why.