Your health is your wealth

This is why at Conquest Health, we believe that the care you are receiving from your conventional doctor is inadequate . Too often time constraints result in brief GPs or specialists’ consultations, unresolved symptoms, and excessive prescriptions. In fact on average GPs spend only 15 minutes with each patient and 75% of visits end with a prescription being issued.

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Rather than handing yet another prescription, we look much deeper than any other healthcare professional. Irrespective of the service you choose, we begin by:

1. Asking you to fill out an extensive questionnaire about your symptoms and potential triggers.

2. We then perform genetic profiling, and microbiome testing to assess your gut health.

3. Together with intense biometric and lab testing, we organise a personalised plan for you, incorporating your sleep, stress and hormone parameters.

We have summarised this perfectly  for you:

“I came to Dr Vaidya after seeing my GP numerous times and even seen a few specialists privately. I couldn’t get rid of my bloating and digestive issues. After I had an hour long consultation I immediately knew I was going to get better. She took the time to listen and eventually got me completely cured.”


“I resigned myself to a life of knee arthritis and a face full of wrinkles. Then I was
recommended Conquest Health.I had PRP injections on my skin and on my knees followed by an individualised treatment plan and after a year I am going on a tour around the world and my knees haven’t been better’


“Within 6 months of seeing Dr Vaidya, my eczema is virtually non existent and my diet , lifestyle hasn’t been better and I owe it to her”


The beauty of Dr Vaidya and her team is how modest they are. She has not only changed my life andtreated my hotflushes, low libido after prescribing bioidentical hormone therapy she has also helped me lose weight through her intermittent fasting plans”


“I took my dad to see Dr Vaidya after his cognition started declining rapidly. We thought we were resigned to a life where my dad wouldn’t remember his grandchildren name. She gave
us hope. She applied the RECODE PROTOCOL and the results were astounding. After 3 months my dad memory started coming back”


I had fillers and antiwrinkle injection with Dr Vaidya.She then sent me a treatment plan where she gave me a lot of skin care advice with supplement recommendation. I am still reaping the benefits uptill now.”


I am a year post chemo and has been recently given the all clear. When I went to Conquest Health I had no energy and felt the cancer had taken all my strength away. However the team put me on IV therapy, antiageing plans and I felt revitalised”






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Most doctors are trained to think about the underlying cause of disease. At Conquest Health we pride ourselves in our unique system-oriented, patient-focused model to help optimise your health. Conventional medicine is the medicine of what. We at Conquest Health, seek to answer the question of why.