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At Conquest Health, you are not restricted to a 10 min appointment.We take the time to listen to you, address your concerns and work with you on the path to wellness. 

“ CONQUEST HEALTH stems from a desire to make a difference in the lives of all those people who are constantly let down by conventional medicine. We are rebuilding healthcare to more effectively address illness.  

Meet the Team


Dr Priyanka Vaidya, MbChB,MRCGP,AFCMP.

General Practitioner and Medical Director of Conquest Health.


Dr Vaidya has always been a firm believer in applying a holistic approach for more effective patient care. As a GP, she was finding it increasingly frustrating managing chronic diseases in a time restricted consultation framework. She was finding  though there was an eagerness out there among patients to learn more about the impact of nutrition, stress and sleep on their conditions, there was not enough support and information. This was the inspiration to create a clinic, where patients could spend more time with their physicians, engage in elaborate  testing and get a real in-depth understanding of their health.

 Areas of speciality:

Dr Vaidya covers a wide range of speciality from cardiac illness to dermatological conditions. Dr Vaidya also offers bespoke skin care treatment plans, rejuvenative  procedures and cutting edge aesthetic procedures to her clients across UK. Using state of the art technological tools, she reinvents healthcare and invite patients to explore their health through a different lens altogether. Dr Vaidya does not believe in quick fixes and patching the problem , which is why her wonderful approach where she takes time to listen, analyse and understand makes her a favourite among patients. 


Along side Dr Vaidya is a team of health coaches who help support you in your conquest for health. They oversee the established  treatment plans and  provide guidance, encouragement and motivation to help you achieve your goals.



“The beauty of Dr Vaidya and her team is how approachable they are. They are genuinely invested in improving patients’ lives. The thoroughness of their history taking and investigation together with their innovative technological hacks has helped me reclaim my health.


Are you still undecided? Want to know more about us? Then just get in touch. Our team is eager to help you .


Here a sneak peek of What you receive.


detailed history


advanced testing and procedures


Sleep and stress level optimisation


hormone profiling


Regular follow up and a 24 hour platform to ask questions.